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Postcard Cafe will be expanding into a vibrant community center for our subscribers to meet, talk and share information about themselves and America's 50 states. It will feature:

TRAVEL ADVISORY: Tell us about the good and the bad of your home state, or any state you lived in or traveled to. What state has made an impression on you for its beauty, history, charm, or shortcomings? Submit your praise, or post your warnings to other travelers.

SEND-A-FRIEND-A-POSTCARD: Select from a menu of postcards of your home state, or any state, to send to family, friends, or coworkers. Unlike other postcard sites, you'll be able to "hand write" your personal message on the flip side of the card—just like traditional postcards!—and choose a special "email postage stamp" to complement the postcard image.

BOOK REVIEWS: Check out our recommended reading list and reviews of travel, history and cultural books, categorized by state, as well as How-To books on the ins and outs of RVing.

TEACHER'S LOUNGE: Grab a cup of coffee and have some fun sharing teaching tips or funny classroom stories about the 50 states. For example, one teacher mentioned a student who thought Virginia was for "rich men" because that's where the capital was (Richmond). Or, the other student who thought the capital of Indiana was an "Indian palace" (Indianapolis). [Note: This area will be password-protected for teachers only.]

COMMUNITY CENTER/REC ROOM: Meet other parents, teachers, students and travel lovers to chat, play games or participate in team activities relating to the 50 states.

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