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Discover America Diaries:
50 States, 50 States of Mind, Volume 1.

Discover America Diaries

Discover America Diaries

Hardcover $24.95


Softcover $16.95

Discover America Diaries, Volume One: East Coast To West Coast: New England New York And The Great Northern States is the first of a four volume set. In Volume One you'll read about Priscilla and Ken's frightening first year of quitting work, giving up an income, shopping for an RV, and adjusting to life on the road living in a flimsy, tin box on wheels, terrifyingly vulnerable to outside elements like hailstorms, tornadoes and thieves. Follow them as they travel from the rugged coastal states of the Atlantic northeast, beyond Niagara Falls, to the Great Lakes and the wide expanse of the golden west, the prairies, badlands, Big Sky country and the fabulous Pacific coast.

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