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Thanks for your Road Trip book – I enjoyed it, especially the Arkansas section. Sorry to be so long in replying – I had a book to finish too –. (see Clinton's handwritten letter)

William Jefferson Clinton
42nd President of the United States

Your creative talents and ideas are evident in the style of Discover America Diaries. I hope you continue to travel and compile your experiences in numerous other future volumes.

Ted Kennedy
U.S. Senator

I am most impressed with the passion of the author…. The writing, both on the covers and in the text is sound and holds the reader’s attention… the little “FYI” notes add an interesting touch.

Writer’s Digest,
10th Annual International
Self-Published Book Awards

As a mechanical engineer I read technical manuals all week at work. The last thing I want to do on my weekend is read a book. But since I want to someday see America by RV I picked up this book on a Saturday afternoon and couldn't put it down. On Sunday morning I began reading it again. Next thing I knew it was six o'clock. "Holy S--!" I yelled when I saw the time. "I almost missed the Super bowl!" That's how good the book is.

Jack K.
Milford, MA

I buy a book for escape to take me away from my own life and pressing problems. "Discover America Diaries" did the trick! I couldn't put it down. I laughed, I cried, I learned about my country. I read it until two in the morning before forcing myself to shut out the light and go to bed. I went to bed happy and slept soundly. It's a wonderful book.

Melissa T.
Summerland Keys, FL

The writing is perfect. Just enough to get a feel for a place, but not so wordy as to dull your interest. I highly recommend it.

Bianca P.
Syracuse, NY

I am enjoying the book immensely. In fact I am nearly halfway through—a rarity for me. It reveals so much about Priscilla's personality and feelings, but it is really an inviting adventure. I am amazed that she and Ken persevered when so many things went wrong. I like the sense of the character of each state which she is able to observe and describe. She is a very perceptive woman.

Carla S.
Allentown, PA

I thoroughly enjoyed it--very engaging!

Melvin C.
Seattle, WA

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